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Style 'Suster Ngesot' Kick In fact Taxable

It's unfortunate fate of Mega Tri Pratiwi (20 years). Intend to frighten his friend dressed as a ghost "Sister ngesot", he evenkicked in the face, entered the hospital and now intends to suesecurity guards who do just that.

The event itself took place on Saturday (10/12) pm dawn, in the apartment Ciumbuleuit Gallery, London. CCTV footage releasedvideo showing the apartment, then Mega ngesot dressed asnuns, waiting in front of the elevator meant to scare his friend,Fitra, which was her birthday.

Rather than find Fitra screamed in terror, who received Mega is a kick in the face. That doing so is Sunarya (37), a security guard inthe apartment. In the video from being released CCTV apartmentmanager, Sunarya who stood near the door of the elevator movesMega kick in when another passenger elevator was terrified.
Mega and his family then demanded Sunarya with abuseallegations. They even refused to make peace efforts. It is thenprovoked a strong reaction from some Internet users in Indonesia..

On Facebook, is now emerging movement titled "1,000,000Facebookers support SATPAM kicker" Sister ngesot "", sometime after the case is sticking out in the media. Until Tuesday (13/12/2011) afternoon at 11:41 pm, the movement was followedby 233 members.

On the wall of the movement, most members condemned Megadisguised as nuns ngesot to scare Sunarya colleagues andsupport actions that are considered as mere reflex.

"Do not mentang2 bnyk money smaunya ja, pa security guardlet's support," wrote a member named Adyn MDN. "Should theapartment to give the award to Mr. exterminator Ababil security guard," said another member named Yelli Yoselino.

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