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Five Most Beautiful Korean Actress

No one doubts that the drama, film, music and Korea increasingly popular the last two years. One cause of fever is the beauty of Korea Korean actress. Let us look at some of the most beautiful Korean actress who is famous for its smooth skin, physically beautiful, and incredible talent.

Kim Tae Hee

The beautiful Kim Tae Hee is probably the most beautiful Korean actress of her generation. Exhibit "angel face" a natural, Kim Tae Hee is the kind of woman who might hate other women. Not only a talented actress and has several successful Korean dramas like "Stairway to Heaven", "Iris" and "My Princess", Kim Tae Hee is also excellent student who graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Seoul National University.

Kim Tae Hee last play is a Japanese series "Star Boku no 99 Nichi". He plays the Korean actress who falls in love with ordinary Japanese boy.

Song Hye Gyo
Song Hye Gyo in the Philippines famous for playing the popular Korean drama "Full House" and "Autumn in My Heart" or "Endless Love". From the pictures alone, her beauty was evident. Song Hye Gyo came in fifth Independent Critics list for the World's Most Beautiful Faces.

Renowned for its white skin, Song Hye Gyo is a Korean cosmetics model, Laneige. He is also known to have romance. The fair is already twice suffered a broken heart who gets the spotlight, including with Lee Byung Hun ("All In") and Hyun Bin ("Worlds Within"). Song Hye Gyo will appear in the film "The Grandmasters" with Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi.

Lee Da Hae
Lee Da Hae is a Korean actress by far the sexiest. The actress has been active in the Korean entertainment world since 2002. He was famous for her drama "Green Rose" and "East of Eden." Lee Da Hae was taking time off career in 2008 after leaving the "East of Eden" because of health problems. In 2011, he returned with a successful drama starring Mickey Yoochun of JYJ in the series "Goodbye Miss Ripley."

Ha Ji Won
 Ha Ji Won's face may not fit the standard of beauty in general. But its charm comes from its simplicity and style are a little tomboy. Not just a pretty face, Ha Ji Won is also one of Korea's top actresses because of her talent. He can play any genre of film comedy, romance, action, and even horror.

In the Philippines, Ha Ji Won known for his drama "Secret Garden," "Hwang Jini," and "Memories of Bali." This project is the latest action film "Sector 7." Indeed, Ha Ji Won have the aura that made her the center of attention.

Han Ga In
Han Ga In has one of the sweetest face among Korean actresses. He became famous in Korea since Lee Mi Ok plays in the drama "Super Rookie" with Eric Mun of Sinhwa. Married to Yun Jung Hoon ("East of Eden"), Han Gan In recent years the entertainment was on leave from Korea and focused on project CF (commercial film). Han Gan In to play in the Korean drama "The Moon That Embrace the Sun" in 2012.

Do you agree with this list? Do you know another Korean actress? Express your opinion in the comments!

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