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Osama bin Laden fan of Whitney

Who would have thought, was the leader of Al-Qaeda is a big fan of the late Whitney Houston.

It's been very common for a diva like Whitney Houston had a lot of male fans. But the fans this one is pretty special, because he is Osama Bin Laden!

Since it was found dead late last week, many details about Whitney's life unfold. One is the story that unfolded by Kola Boof, a Sudanese writer, who also lived with Bin Laden as one of his wives.


As reported, this woman could tell you some facts in everyday Bin Laden, including the 'hobby' of sex, smoke marijuana and dancing with some Western bands like Van Halen and the B52s. Although there was unilateral and cornering, but Bin Laden concubine disclose the fact it did not stop his autobiography which was released through 2006.

In this book, Boof claimed that Whitney Houston adalan most beautiful women for Bin Laden. Not only that, she admits that her husband, the man regarded as terrorists, is also planning to kill Bobby Brown, Whitney's ex-husband, in order to marry the singer.

Boof told that Laden had revealed that he was willing to break rules 'skin color' to make Houston one of his wives.

"He said, 'From now on I want you to do your hair like Whitney. Osama did not stop to ask if I knew Whitney when I was living in America. I said I do not know. He's always saying how beautiful she is, what a sweet smile, how he actually is Islam, but have been brainwashed by American culture, "Boof writes in his biography.

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