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Top 10 Frequently Changing Hollywood "Sex" in Film

Being a movie star is not easy. There was a time when he should have a role to people with different gender to sex in real life.

 Divine dan John Travolta 
Aktor Divine terlebih dahulu memerankan tokoh Edna Turnblad di film "Hairspray" tahun 1988. Kemudian ketika "Hairspray" dibuat lagi pada tahun 2007, tokoh tersebut diperankan oleh John Travolta.




Adam Sandler   
Adam playing the character Jill Sadelstein in the movie "Jack and Jill". Jill is the sister of Jack Sadelstein who happened to be played by Adam Sandler.

Alec Guinness
Alec played a character named Lady Agatha D'woman Ascoyne in the film "Hearts and Coronets King" in 1949.

Terry Jones
He played a character named Mandy Cohen women in the film "Life of Brian" in 1979.

Eddie Murphy
Who would not laugh at Eddie's action in the movie "Norbit" in 2007. She becomes a woman for the sake of playing the character Rasputia.

Cate Blanchett 
Dia menjadi seorang pria saat memerankan tokoh Jude dalam film "I'm Not There" tahun 2007.

Alastair Sim and Rupert Everett
Both actors transsexual women to be portrayed by Millicent Fritton. Alastair Sim play her in the film "Blue Murder at St. Trinian's" 1957. While Rupert in the latest version of the film that changed the title to be "St. Trinian's" in 2007.

Kathy Burke
He portrayed teenage boy named Perry in "Kevin & Perry Go Large" in 2000.

Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt got an Oscar in 1983 for his role as a man named Billy Kwan in the movie "The Year Of Living Dangerously" in 1982.

This film is a film by Mel Gibson a background of life in Indonesia in the early days of independence.

Dustin Hoffman
Thanks to his role in "Tootsie" in 1982, he was nominated for the Oscar. In the film she portrayed a woman named Dorothy Michaels.

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